Garment Care

Below we have put together a short list of smart things you can do for your clothes to last longer.
The lazier you are the better it is for the clothes and for the environment, so….its definitely a win-
win situation.
- Wash less
By cutting down on unnecessary laundry cycles, you can easily reduce the size of your garment’s
environmental footprint.
- Airing
When your clothes get a bit on the whiffier side, hang them out in the fresh.
- Wash cooler
Washing your clothes in cooler temperatures saves a lot of energy and spares the clothes. Todays
detergents are so effective that you actually don’t need the high temperatures.
- Inside out
For the more colourful clothes we strongly recommend you turn them inside out while washing like
that you save them from color-fade.
- No tumble dry
Once again, if you want to save on energy and making sure your clothing are lasting for a long
time, hang them dry.