Koolabah is a Swedish design concept presenting sustainable fashion designed to last. 
The company was founded in 2011 by me Nina Wolf. After having studied and worked in different countries around Europe, I saw a gap on the market which I felt needed to be filled. I wanted to distance my self from all the conventional fast-fashion brands and create an edgy, timeless, in your face concept with outfits that exudes individuality and attitude.
For me it has always been extremely important that all our garments are manufactured in places where artisans earn fair wages and and operate under healthy, comfortable working conditions. All our collections are made from materials with the highest quality and environmentally friendly textiles employing low-waste techniques.
I am constantly sourcing new materials and methods in order to improve our existing selection. 
I hope you are enjoying our collections and if you have any suggestions our questions, please feel free to drop me a mail:)
Warm regards,
Nina Wolf


Our dream is to dress small trendsetters in edgy clothing with an attitude which not labels or categorizes them but gives them a chance to proclaime their individuality.


Humor, Respect and Atitude.


Nina Wolf (CEO) 
Pedro Moreira (CTO) 
...and our kids: 
Viggo, Alva and Mimmi


Koolabah AB 
Organisationsnummer: 559085-8162 
Bolagsregistrerad adress: Nötegången 38, 429 42 Särö. 
Phone: +46 708281477