Our individual styles may vary in size, but this chart provides you with an overall outline. 
As kids grow fast we always recommend to choose a bigger size. Like that you´ll be able to enjoy the clothes for a longer time;) 

3-6m 6-9m 9-12m 12-18m 18-24m 2-3y 3-4y 4-5y 5-6y 6-7y 7-8y
68cm 74cm 80cm 86cm 92cm 98cm 104cm 110cm 116cm 122cm 128cm


Due to wear and tear, love, ironing and washing the fabric of which the garments are made will change during its lifetime. 
To ensure a long lifetime for your clothes, please take a moment to read this recommendations. 
Hang dry the clothes as it's the most gentle drying method. 
Iron your garments on medium tempreture inside out to avoid any iron marks outside of garment. 
Use a mild detergent that is intended for coloured garments, otherwise the print will fade more quickly. 
All these recommendations will ensure a longer lasting life of your garment and will also be more gentle way of saving the earths resources.