Our Materials
Organic Cotton: As you might know, the textile industry is one of the dirtiest industries in
the world. Many chemicals are used to refrain pests, and child labor is abundant. That's
why purchasing organic cotton over conventional cotton is so essential. This ensures no
harmful chemicals (less water too) are used to grow the fiber, and there are stricter rules
for farmers to adhere to. GOTS Certified Cotton is one of the best options on the market
today. It ensures a clean fabric and an honest process from start to finish.
Lyocell: Our favourite forms of Lyocell, TENCEL , is created from sustainably-harvest
eucalyptus trees and processed through a closed-loop system where solvents and water
are continuously reused. The fibers are certified as compostable and biodegradable.
There’s also a lot less water and land needed in production compared to the production of
cotton, for example. The result is a beautiful material that’s soft, breathable, and durable.

We pride ourselves in working with only sustainable manufacturers, who adopt ethical and
sustainable practices throughout the entire product development including, waste
minimization and recycling, resource efficiency and use of local supply chain.
Our clothes are made to last many years, so once it is time to say goodbye to your
beloved item, make sure to pass it on to another friend or recycle, resell or donate it to an

Even though it is sometimes hard to reach for perfection, we always aim to be transparent
about the entire process. We guarantee you that we always have a genuine care for the
planet and all the animals and people living on it.

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